The "Juke" Archtop Jazz Ukulele from Silverleaf

Top Tilt Front Tilt Top Side Back Back Visible Upside Down Little Tilt

Introducing the "Juke" Arch-top Jazz Ukulele from Silverleaf Instruments

 New Cutaway Arch Top Design with Beautiful Tone woods and Built-in Equalizer for the Ultimate Ukulele Experience!

The Silverleaf "Juke" Jazz Ukulele is the next logical step in your quest for the ultimate ukulele.  Rich, warm sound that's perfect for any playing style! All yours, when you experience the easy playability of this unique ukulele.

  • The Juke Jazz Uke Design Eliminates Bridge Problems
  • Eliminates Intonation Problems by Using a Floating Bridge 
  • Eliminates Bridge Lifting Problems by Utilizing a Tailpiece

Floating Bridge Allows for Easy Intonation Adjustment

 A fixed bridge design on some ukuleles are not properly positioned and many people mention the fact that the intonation is off. This occurs when the bridge is not placed at the exact right spot for the correct scale length.
If it does not there is no way to adjust that with a fixed bridge. 

Tailpiece Eliminates Bridge Lifting Problem

A fixed bridge ukulele is designed to handle a specific set of strings that will not exceed the string tension load it was designed for. If this load is exceeded the bridge may lift and unrepairable damage could occur to the instrument.  Most jazz ukulele players like to change string gauges for a better jazz sound. Typically this includes lowering the G string one octave by installing a heavier gauge nylon or steel string.  The Silverleaf Jazz Ukulele’s tailpiece and bridge combination allows you to change string gauges without the worry of damaging the instrument.

The body of this very elegant instrument has an arched back as well as an arched top. The design features a single cutaway contoured shape for maximum playability on the upper frets which is one of the features most up and coming ukulele players have been asking for.

Crafted with high quality tone woods, this beautiful instrument incorporates  flame maple top, sides and back and comes in a high-gloss, highly polished finish. The gloss finish highlights the beauty of these body tone woods. The classic white bindings and custom rosewood tailpiece and bridge enhance the ukulele's jazzy looks and adds to the distinct vibe.

This arched back and top body design produces a bright and punchy acoustic tone. Placing the pickup under the saddle is the optimum spot for capturing these vibrant tones with superior dynamics. This provides a unique ukulele sound with this combination of  tone wood and electronics.

In contrast to other ukuleles this finely crafted instrument has classic f-holes and contoured headstock reminiscent of jazz guitars.  The tone, playability and workmanship of this quality instrument will meet or exceed any player’s expectations.

The NEW Tenor Size Arch-top Jazz Ukulele Design offers Unique Features and Benefits

Many ukuleles on the market today share the same problems with their bridges lifting on their Ukuleles. This effects the action and intonation and are common problems in the industry.

The new Archtop Jazz Ukulele from Silverleaf is not only well crafted with beautiful lines and the best tone woods available. Instead of terminating the strings at the bridge this new design includes a tailpiece to bind the strings and this eliminates the lifting problems of the fixed bridge design ukeles.

Silverleaf designers knew about the problem with other fixed bridges lifting, and the resulting action and intonation problems created by terminating the strings on the bridge.  The deign they came up with is very similar to how a jazz guitar is made in that it incorporates a fixed bridge with a tailpiece. This tailpiece connects the strings to create tension on the soundboard as well as allow the bridge to rock back and forth. This also means that the bridge needs an arch top to allow maximum tension on the soundboard while not distorting the soundboard. Utilizing an arch top design with a tailpiece makes an excellent way to solve the fixed bridge lifting and intonation problems. Once you have tried a Silverleaf Jazz Ukulele we feel you will a agree that this new design creates a great playing experience.